Park Policy

I hope your stay will be an enjoyable one. To make this possible I am asking you to read and adhere to my PARK POLICY. I have worked hard to make this a pleasant place for you and hope you will help me keep it that way.

  1. We have the right to refuse service to anyone.
  2. For the benefit of all R/Vs, I am asking that the consumption of alcoholic beverages be done in moderation (if at all) and discreetly.

  3. Absolutely no illegal drugs allowed in the park.

  4. Loud or obnoxious behavior will not be allowed. You will be responsible for the behavior of your guests. Please be considerate of your neighbor by keeping outside noise to a minimum. Outside activity should be over by 10:00pm.


  6. Everyone is expected to keep his/her site neat and clean.

  7. Pets must be kept on a leash and should not disturb others. Outside dogs are not allowed. Please clean up after your pet.

  8. Drainage hose MUST have attachment to keep your hose secure. Hose should not be more than 6 inches in sewage line.

  9. Bank fishing is allowed. Fish heads, etc. should not be put in the dumpster.

  10. Clotheslines not permitted. Coin operated washers and dryers are available.

  11. Washing of vehicles not allowed in park. Exceptions will be made for those people who are here for long term. However, there will be a $10.00 charge for extra water used. Those people staying for several months are expected to keep their home free of mildew, etc. THOSE PEOPLE STAYING LONG TERM SHOULD KEEP A CHECK ON WATER LEAKS.

  12. Repairs on vehicle should be cleared with owner. TWO vehicles allowed at each site. Old, broken down, non-useable vehicles are not allowed.

  13. Trash should be put in the green dumpster each day, at the top on the hill in front of the privacy fence. Please put any food scraps, etc. in plastic bags before putting it in the dumpster. This will help to eliminate flies and bad odors.

  14. CIGARETTE BUTTS should be put in ashtrays, not on the ground.

  15. Open fires not permitted in park.

  16. Please DO NOT park in empty site or in such a way as to block traffic. Park only in your designated space.

  17. Be safe and enjoy yourself. Shady Lake is not responsible for accidents.

  18. RATES: Prices are based on two people per R/V. A $3.00 daily fee will be charged for each additional person 8 years old and older. Payment is expected in advance. Prices include full hook-up and cable TV. NO REFUNDS will be given. You will be given the option up front as to how you will be paying.

    Daily: $30
    Weekly: $140
    $355.00 for 30 AMPs
    $380.00 for 50 AMPs

    Storage fees for trailers or boats:
    Monthly: $50.00

    Storage fee for RVs:
    $5.00 daily
    $100.00 monthly